6_Low_E.mp3 5_A.mp3 4_D.mp3 3_G.mp3 2_B.mp3 1_High_E.mp3 Prev_1 Next_1
6_Low_Eb.mp3 5_Ab.mp3 4_Db.mp3 3_F_Sharp.mp3 2_Bb.mp3 1_High_Eb.mp3 Prev_2 Next_2
6_Low_D.mp3 5_Low_G.mp3 4_C.mp3 3_F.mp3 3_A.mp3 1_High_D.mp3 Prev_3 Next_3
6_Low_D.mp3 5_A.mp3 4_D.mp3 3_G.mp3 2_B.mp3 1_High_E.mp3 Prev_4 Next_4
6_Low_C_Sharp.mp3 5_Ab.mp3 4_Db.mp3 3_F_sharp.mp3 2_Bb.mp3 1_High_Eb.mp3 Prev_5 Next_5
6_Low_C.mp3 5_Low_G.mp3 4_C.mp3 3_F.mp3 2_High_A.mp3 1_High_D.mp3 Prev_6 Next_6
6_Low_D.mp3 5_A.mp3 4_D.mp3 3_G.mp3 2_High_A.mp3 1_High_D.mp3 Prev_7 Next_7
6_Low_E.mp3 5_A.mp3 4_E.mp3 3_A.mp3 2_C_Sharp.mp3 1_High_E.mp3 Prev_8 Next_8
6_Low_C.mp3 5_Low_G.mp3 4_C.mp3 3_G.mp3 2_High_C.mp3 1_High_E.mp3 Prev_9 Next_9
6_Low_D.mp3 5_A.mp3 4_D.mp3 3_F_sharp.mp3 2_High_A.mp3 1_High_D.mp3 Prev_10 Next_10
6_Low_E.mp3 5_Low_B.mp3 4_E.mp3 3_G_sharp.mp3 2_B.mp3 1_High_E.mp3 Prev_11 Next_11
6_Low_D.mp3 5_Low_G.mp3 4_D.mp3 3_G.mp3 2_B.mp3 1_High_D.mp3 Prev_12 Next_12

Tune Online with the Korg Audio Tuner!
Use the and buttons to select a tuning, then stomp (well, click) on the button under each string name to hear that note. The online Korg Audio Tuner plays audio clips that you can use as a reference pitch to tune your guitar.

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Dave Mustaine